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Joyce Kimball, CPM

Home Birth Midwifery

About Homebirth Midwifery

Right after_birth_on_stool_with_baby_out_and_in_arms_7I am a midwife. I work with birthing folks and families during the childbearing year. I attend planned births at home. Mothers and families who choose homebirth see pregnancy, labor and birth as a normal healthy process. Some reasons mothers and families may choose homebirth include:

  • Quality one-on-one care
  • Non-interventive care
  • No separation of the baby and the mother
  • Increased relaxation in the comfort of your own home
  • Continuity of care

I believe:birth03

  • Pregnancy is a normal significant time in a mother's life.
  • Pregnancy affects and is affected by all aspects of a mother's life: social, economic, professional, and familial.
  • Mothers have the right to choose where and with whom they give birth. 
  • A mother can educate themself about care options and make appropriate choices for themself and their baby.

My homebirth midwifery care includes:

  • Complete prenatal and extensive postpartum care
  • Lab work and ultrasound(s) if necessary
  • Nutrition counseling
  • Home care for labor and delivery
  • Newborn procedures (if requested) and exams
  • Notarized birth certificate and social security card paperwork
  • Recommendations and assistance in using alternative therapies such as body work, nutrition, mental health exercises, stretching, and herbs to achieve and maintain a healthy pregnancy.

Continuity of Care

prenatal at_home_2I spend time with my clients – getting to know them, educating them and helping them think through options to make decisions. A typical prenatal visit with me lasts 60 minutes. Studies indicate that homebirth midwives provide the safest and best maternity care for healthy pregnant women, while spending on the average of 5 to 15 times more hours with clients than do obstetricians, at about half the price. Our time spent together helps us develop a strong, trusting relationship.

I will accompany you in labor through the active part of labor and birth, and then provide extensive postpartum care including several follow-up visits.

Homebirth Is Safe for Low-Risk Women

Griffin HiRes_14Home midwifery care makes sense for normal pregnancies because home birth midwives are skilled at keeping the pregnancy normal. If something does shift out of normal, I will consult with specialists and make referrals when needed.

A common concern regarding homebirth is “What if something happens?” I am trained in the detection of complications. My goal is to guard the health of mother and baby and remain alert for any possible complications. When a problem is detected early, we can often reverse it with simple measures such as nutrition and/or a change of laboring position. When we cannot correct the problem, I can faciliate a safe, smooth transfer of care to the provider of your choice.

Statistics indicate that for the low-risk woman and her child, the morbidity and mortality rates are the same or lower in a planned homebirth with a midwife than for matched populations of birthing women in the hospital.

I am honored to attend the miracle of a growing baby and a beautiful birth!

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