Birth Services

Joyce Kimball, CPM


Please see below for referrals for birth doulas, midwives, OB/GYNs, lactation consultants, pediatricians and other physicians who do pediatrics. Understand that each person has their own needs and will have their own interactions with different providers. These referrals are offered in good faith but quality of care and your specific interaction with each provider will be unique to you. You are welcome to call me for referrals to other providers such as postpartum doulas, massage therapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, etc.: 508-728-6588

Birth Doulas

Other doulas in Central Massachusetts:

  • Kim Lueders: 508-875-1981
  • Rachel Blessington: 508-873-9023
  • Vanessa Lewis: 774-633-5263
  • Teresa Coyle Airey: 978-833-8240
  • Bethany Leclerc: 603-731-5603
  • Lo Nigrosh: 413-230-7516, Spanish fluent
  • Heather Chiancola: 978-290-0940
  • Natasha
  • Meryl Estabrook: 508-254-8575
  • Becca Schillaci, 617-777-4271,
  • Diana Snyder,

In the Greater Boston area:

  • Lauren Olson Sidford: 978-465-2259
  • Kim Lueders: 508-875-1981
  • Bronwyn Sheppard: 816-719-8747
  • Danielle Nazarenko: 518-366-6544
  • Amy Johnson: 508-768-5286
  • Teresa Coyle Airey: 978-833-8240
  • Lorenza Holt: 617-953-3606
  • Emma O'Brien: 774-218-8783
  • Lindsay Wolff: 617-702-4784
  • Cate Johannessen: 617-947-5093
  • Shari McBurney: 617-785-3004
  • Teresa Vittorioso-Fortin, Birth and Postpartum Doula and Hypnobirthing Educator, 617-997-1063,, 

In the Western Mass area:

  • Dana Olivo: 508-494-9588
  • Lo Nigrosh: 413-230-7516, Spanish fluent
  • Michelle L'Esperance: 413-858-5048,
  • Odessa Bates, (413)642-1165,

Postpartum Doulas

  • Vanessa Lewis: 774-633-5263
  • Amanda Hemm: 617-312-7359
  • Teresa Coyle Airey: 978-833-8240
  • Meryl Estabrook: 508-254-8575
  • Emily Lindblad: 508-769-8497, specializing in multiples
  • Emily Newberg, Maternity Consulting, 617-575-9420,
  • Odessa Bates, (413)642-1165,
  • Sylva Yeghiayan, Ph.D. Birth and Postpartum Doula, Boston, 781-771-1843,
  • Keelia, Full Spectrum Doula, Boston, 978-413-8055,
  • Heather Chiancola: 978-290-0940
  • Kirsten Newman, licensed mental health counselor, certified lactation consultant, certified postpartum doula, , 98-394-7784
  • Amy Johnson: 508-768-5268


Physicians who have reputations as being non-interventive in the pregnancy and birth process, supportive of natural childbirth and supportive of choice:

Catching babies at Mt. Auburn Hospital in Cambridge:

  • Dr. Beth Hardiman, Dr. Malcolm McKenzie and Dr. Stephanie Koontz.

Catching babies at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston:

  • Dr. Marikim Bunnell, Dr. Thomas Connelly and Dr. Tracey Zinner

Catching babies at Newton-Wellesley Hospital in Wellesley:

  • Dr. Thomas Beatty and Dr. Lori Wroble

Catching babies at UMASS Memorial in Worcester:

  • Dr. David Klein in Shrewsbury: 508-842-2010
  • Dr. Kerry Osterhaus-Houle and Dr. Dena Deldon in Worcester and Marlborough: 508-755-4861
  • Dr. Todd Hunter in Worcester: 508-752-1491
  • The CWC group: Drs. Anne Garrison, Tara Kumaraswami, Tiffany Forti, Tiffany Moore Simas, and Dawn Tsillo
  • The MFM Drs. Ellen Delpapa, Karen Green, Petra Belody
  • Family Practice doctor Dr. Mike Ennis

Catching babies at Landmark Medical Center, Woonsocket, RI

  • Dr. Sue Magee, Dr. John Mortin

Catching babies at Mass General Hospital in Boston:

  • Dr. Lisa Luther, Dr. Anne Plante, Dr. William Henry Barth, Dr. Rebecca Kolp


  • The Reliant Midwives catching babies at Worcester Medical Center/St. Vincent’s Hospital: 508-368-3110.
  • The Harvard Vanguard Midwives, catching babies at Newton Wellesley Hospital and Brigham and Women’s Hospital
  • The Midwives of Mount Auburn Hospital, catching babies at Mt. Auburn Hospital: email them or call the midwifery office at 617-499-5130.
  • Dona M. Rodrigues, CNM, MPH, Director, Birth Sisters Program at BMC, 617-414-7298,

Homebirth Midwives

Please check out other homebirth midwives at the Massachusetts Midwives Alliance.

Lactation Consultants

  • LCHomeVisits
  • ZipMilk
  • Jeanette Mesite Frem, IBCLC, CCE (BACE), Worcester County: 617-686-0052
  • Michelle Stolow, IBCLC, Maynard, MA: 978-897-3637
  • Shelly Taft, IBCLC, Worcester County: 508-245-5301
  • Carol Mathewson, IBCLC, Worcester, MA: 508-596-9377

Pediatricians and other Physicians who also do pediatrics

  • Dr. Barbara Rugo-Focht, Grafton, 508-466-7120
  • Dr. Ashley Lakin, Riverside, RI 401-437-1008
  • Dr. Lynette Knight, Fitchburg, 978-342-4437
  • Dr. Aggarwal, Westboro, 508-865–5858
  • Dr. Ben Leiberman, Hopkinton, 508-435–4414
  • Dr. Mike Ennis, Worcester, 508-334–8830
  • Dr. Mike Burdulis in Shrewsbury, 508-845-1436
  • Dr. Elizabeth Erban, Worcester, 508-757-5520
  • Dr. N. Thomas LaCava, West Boylston, 508-854-1380