Birth Services

Joyce Kimball, CPM


maggie blessingway_croppedMany women prefer a blessingway instead of, or in addition to, a baby shower as a way to honor this very special time. A blessingway gathers the important women in a mom’s life to bestow her with best wishes, small gifts and a time of honor. We light candles, give massages, and read a poem or blessing for mom and her yet unborn child in an effort to provide them love, strength and courage.

I so enjoy planning a blessingway for a pregnant mom. I ensure invitations are sent and RSVPs are received. I provide all the supplies, everything needed from paper goods to yarn, beads, herbs, and massage oil. I act as coordinator at the blessingway to lead the event, guide folks in a gentle song and ensure the blessingway flows well. Most moms love this time of honor and love.

Cost: $175.00